HUAWEI MateBook 16 Laptop AMD Ryzen R5-5600H/R7-5800H 16GB 512GB Notebook Radeon Graphics 16-inch 2.5K Eye Protection Computer

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Why choose Matebook 16

Wide field of vision, Vivid colors, Double eye protection

16″, 2.5K full screen, ΔE=1, Rheinland professional-grade color standard certification,

low blue light, no stroboscopic

Powerful performance,

Professional performance

Equipped with the new Ryzen 7 5800H standard pressure processor, it can release 54W high-energy performance and easily cope with large-scale office software and multitasking.

Whole scene smart life

Collaborate efficiently with various devices such as tablets, mobile phones, headsets, etc.,

and monitors can also be tacitly matched

One touch, love it

17.8mm metal body, precision ceramic sandblasting process, multiple interfaces, efficient connection.

Shark fin heat dissipation,

cool and efficient

Gaming-grade dual fans, thickened and large-diameter dual heat pipes, quickly release heat and bring fast cooling and quiet cooling experience.

A good voice is coming

With dual speakers and immersive surround sound, the listening experience has never been the same.

HUAWEI MateBook 16

Show the True Colors

Recreate the true colors of the world

Create what you want

1.07 billion color phantom color full screen, 100% sRBG wide color gamut, let your eyes enjoy the colorful world,

The high color accuracy of ΔE=1 is matched with the AMD Ryzen 5800H processor to turn your imagination into reality.

New horizons, new worlds, all begin here.

Creative Space,Open and Immersive

2.5K full screen, just a glance at your eyes will be attracted by his gorgeous high-definition.

16-inch wide field of view, 90% screen ratio, under the background of the micro-frame, it is more pure and atmospheric.

Look into the boundless world and explore the vast galaxy with you.

TÜV Rheinland Color Accuracy

and Fast Stability Certification

The World’s First Rheinland Professional-Grade Color Accurate Certified Notebook

The screen has a wide color gamut of 100&sRGB and rich color expression, helping you create more dazzling works as you wish.

1.07 billion colors with high color depth, color from dark to light, from gorgeous to plain, and the transition is smoother and more natural.

Each screen has been calibrated with high precision at the factory to achieve ΔE=1 high color accuracy, and use professional-grade display to present your professional masterpiece.

Average ΔE=1 Calibration one by one

100%sRGB      Wide color gamut

1.07 BN Colors High color depth

1500:1  Contrast

The field of vision is wide and wide

3:2 screen ratio, more suitable for reading and browsing. For daily office or professional design, more content is displayed vertically, reducing the number of mouse swipes. It also has double eye protection ability, reducing the damage to the eyes after prolonged use.

German Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification

DC dimming no flicker

At first sight, you can’t put it down

A high-performance, large-screen notebook with top productivity and a pleasing appearance. thin and light metal body, pure luster and overflowing texture. Using precision ceramic sandblasting process, the fingertips flick, and the delicate frosted feeling is addictive.

Cumbersome production, Multi-tasking, Easy to do

Equipped with the new Ryzen 7 5800H standard pressure processor at the highest, 7nm process technology, small size contains large energy. Outstanding performance and speed, handle large office software and multitasking with ease. Whether you are a designer or a developer, it can satisfy the efficiency you pursue.

54W High energy mode

Fn+P switch dual mode

When using professional software, the Fn+P key quickly switches to high-energy mode with full power. For daily office work, switch to balance mode for quiet operation and long-lasting companionship.

20% ↑

Multi-core performance improved over the previous GEN

8 cores 16 threads

7nm process technology


Dual channel large memory


Calm down, get inspired

The air inlet area at the bottom, in coordination with the dual air inlets at the rotating shaft, brings a significant increase in air volume.

The large-sized dual fans with 79 S-shaped blades are supplemented by 2mm thick heat pipes and thin cooling fins to quickly release heat.

The painstaking design of each step brings fast cooling and quiet cooling experience.

Screen-screen collaboration

Opens up smart life

Huawei’s sharing has evolved again, bringing a tacit experience between computers, mobile , tablets and other devices.

The tablet can be used as a hand-painted board or an extended screen of the computer, with efficient division of labor;

the mobile phone can be separated into the computer to share smart search, files, contacts, memos, etc.

Collaborate with tablet

Mirror Mode

The computer screen interface can be seamlessly synchronized to the tablet, creating a design or doodle moment, the tablet turns into a hand-painted board, and the stylus is free to trace.

Extended Mode

The desktop of the computer can be extended to the tablet. During online classes or online meetings, you can focus on one screen and take notes on the other,

which is more efficient.

Shared Mode

Documents and pictures on the computer and tablet can be easily shared by dragging and dropping. The mouse and keyboard of the computer can also precisely operate and edit the content on the tablet.

Collaborate with mobile

Open multiple APP windows

You can open up to 3 mobile application windows, focus on the 16-inch large screen, immerse yourself in concentration, and do more with less.

Call without switching

When working or creating, you can make calls directly on the computer or answer mobile voice and video calls, freeing your hands.

Free flow of documents

The computer can browse the file space of the mobile at any time, and can also directly open and edit the received files in the mobile phone, and the content is updated and saved seamlessly. Documents and pictures can be dragged and dropped between the computer and the mobile phone.

Pair with more devices

Support wired and wireless connection with HUAWEI Matebook 16, and tacit cooperation.

When the headset is close to the HUAWEI Matebook 16, it can be found, and the pairing will be completed automatically by a pop-up window. Complete the first pairing or reconnection, and also display the headset battery level.

Listen ,feel as if you were personally on the scene

Immersive surround sound, as if surrounded by flowing notes, is incredible. The surging sound is coming from the front-facing dual speakers.

No matter how noisy the surroundings are,

I only listen to your good voice

Dual microphone design, not only the pickup position is closer to you, but also reduces the interference of noise and echo. The pickup distance is up to 5 meters. During an online meeting, even if you stand up to explain, your voice is still powerful.

5 meters pickup

AI noise reduction

Filter echo

Touch Smooth

The large touchpad is more than enough for multi-finger operation. The warm and delicate glass material, whether you slide left or right, your fingertips feel the same smooth and comfortable.

One charger, many uses

135W high-power portable charger, one charger is multi-purpose. Charge the HUAWEI Matebook 16 for 15 minutes, and you can easily work for 3.5 hours.

84Wh large capacity, long battery life

The 84Wh large-capacity battery can easily support local 1080P video playback for 12.5 hours on a full charge.

Clever innovation, rich creativity

Smooth and fast Wi-Fi 5

Dual-antenna WLAN is more resistant to interference, fast and stable transmission

One-click boot and login

The fingerprint and the power button are combined into one. Power on and unlock, one step in place.

Easy to open and close with one hand

You need to turn on the computer when you make a call, you don’t need to put down your phone, you can easily turn it on with one hand.

Full-size backlit keyboard

It supports gradient backlight adjustment and can be easily used in low light environments.

Various types of interfaces

6 different types of interfaces

Rigorous test,Strive for excellence

The HUAWEI Matebook 16 has undergone a number of rigorous tests, so it can easily cope with the tests of various harsh environments and is durable. The good quality of excellence will bring you long-term companionship.

Additional information


Blue, Yellow


us, AU, UK, EU


Intel Pentium, i5-10400


TOUCHPAD,Backlit Keyboard,Numeric Keypad

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